From Breakfast to Bible Study


In September 2010, several men from HAB decided to gather a couple of times a month to have breakfast together with Pastor Kyle Reese. It was a simple idea, breakfast at a local restaurant with a short devotion as they wrapped up their time together.


Today, the group still gathers, on the first and third Mondays of the month, but now they take turns preparing breakfast for one another, and they meet at HAB. 



We also have a women’s group that meets on the second and fourth Mondays. These studies are an excellent opportunity for our members to engage in discussions on a variety of topics, including books of the Bible or books from Christian authors like Barbara Brown Taylor or C. S. Lewis.

One member who enjoys these studies is Laraine Humbert, who due to her role in Sunday services rarely gets to attend our Sunday Bible studies. She says, “The book that drew me in initially was An Altar in the World. I decided to read it along with the class, even though I didn’t think I could attend the study because it occurred during my office hours at the church. But one day I e-mailed Kyle with a quote I particularly liked from the book, and he said, ‘Why don’t you come to the study?’ So I did. I enjoy hearing different points of view in the class. It is good for me and stretches me.” 

Are you looking for a place to get connected? In addition to Mondays, we have Sunday and Wednesday groups as well. Please check out our website for a current list groups.