Our Partners in mission:

Expanding Community

Hunger Initiative

At HAB we are dedicated to fighting hunger in our local community and world-wide. 

Other Partnerships and Mission opportunties

Community Partners


It goes without saying that at the heart of HAB’s recreation program is the idea of “re-creation.” And we have a long history of “re-creating” together through our current Hendricks Avenue Baseball League.


Go to hendricksbaseball.org for details and updates about their program.


Upcoming Mission Trips

We have a team of missionaries preparing to serve in Guatemala in June 2019.  Working with Casas Por Cristo, our team will build homes for families in need.

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More about Casas Por Cristo

Get Involved


If you would like to find out more about our mission opportunities or how to volunteer with some of our community partnerships, complete our online volunteer form below or call us at 904-396-7745