Adult  Studies and Groups

Sunday Studies



Classes meet from 9:45-10:45 a.m.


Below is a listing of the various classes and what you might expect on Sunday morning.  The names next to the classes are point people for the classes, not necessarily teachers. 


E-1—Agape Class (senior adult women’s class)—Suzanne Jenkins, Sally Lott, Barbara Jay


E-2—Fresh Encounters (assortment of ages with topical-based Bible studies)—Susan & Joe Stepp


E-4—Discovery Class (assortment of ages with topical-based Bible studies)—Jack & Bette Len Mitchell, Sharon Maszy, Nancy Felton (beginning January 2022)


E-5—Genesis Class (young adults)—Rebekah Hutto


E-6—Journey Class (assortment of ages with traditional Sunday Bible study material)—Judy Kermitz and P.J. & Leslie Burkhalter


Chapel—“That Class" (men’s class)—Jon Yost


Parlor—Metcalf Class (men’s class)—Frank Metcalf


Looking for groups for children or youth?