Giving the Gift of a Family Meal for Christmas

For many of us, gathering for a family meal at Christmas is something we enjoy but also take for granted. It is a given.  We'll bring a side dish or prepare an entire meal to share with our guests as we come together on Christmas day to exchange gifts and spend time together.  But for many families in our area food insecurity means that every meal, including a Christmas meal, is not something that is guaranteed.  The HAB Hunger Initiative partners with organizations like United Community outreach ministry (UCOM) to provide food to the 750 families each quarter that rely on them to put food on their tables.  As a special gift for Thanksgiving and Christmas, UCOM provides Holiday Meal Bags so that families can prepare a special meal with their families.  Our goal this year is to provide enough items to give 24 families the gift of a Christmas Meal.  Will you join us?