Help Us Build a Home One Envelope at a Time

 By Britt Hester, Minister of Youth & Christian Education

By now you have probably heard that our high school youth and a cohort of adults from our church are traveling to San Raymundo, Guatemala, to build a home for a family in need. Our team will be working with a mission organization called Casas por Cristo (Homes for Christ) that partners with local churches to identify people with inadequate shelter needs. Once a family is identified, groups like ours come to build a home for the family. Of course, going on a trip of this magnitude requires serious commitment and preparation. We also know, we can't do this alone. You are a vital part of our mission team. We invite you to partner with us to help make this home a reality for a family in need.

One way you can help is by participating in our Wall of Money fundraiser. What is the Wall of Money? Well, it is what its name suggests: It is a wall of money. The issue, however, is there is no money on the wall initially. On the wall are numbered envelopes, which contain instructions. You take a numbered envelope off the wall, and whatever number is on the front of the envelope is the amount of money you place inside. For example, if you take an envelope numbered 73, you will place $73 in the envelope and place it in the collection box. There will be 200 numbered envelopes that will be on two separate walls. One will be in the narthex and the other in the fellowship hall throughout the month of March. Our hope is to fill all 200 envelopes by the end of March. 

The money raised will help us cover the costs of the trip, which include airfare, building supplies, transportation, food, housing, and immunizations. We hope you will partner with us in this way to help bring security and stability to a family in need in San Raymundo. In the meantime, continue to pray for our team, for the family we will serve, and for ministry of Casas por Cristo.


Thank you!