Christmas from the Eyes of a Child

by Claire Chinn, Minister of Children and Missions

It is hard to deny that Advent and Christmas are my favorite time of year. It is even hard to deny all the cookies and sweets that come with it—but that is not the reason I love this time of year so much. I love this time of year because I get to see Christmas through the lens of a child. Sunday after Sunday, Wednesday after Wednesday, I am surrounded by the children of this church while we explore Advent and the story of Christmas together.

During this Advent season we are exploring the Christmas story together. We are learning the importance of each and every character and how each character was changed by this little baby Jesus they witnessed. In part, that sentiment is how I feel after each encounter with our children.

They see the Christmas story as it is—they hear the words that the angel said to the shepherds and their excitement grows. They feel the fear and anxiety that Mary and Joseph must have felt when they were told that there was no more room in the inn. Our children truly experience this story. Seeing Christmas through the lens of a child means that we experience and engage with the scriptures no matter how many times we have heard the Christmas story.

This Advent I want to challenge you to read through the Christmas story as a child—listen to the characters’ words. Wonder how they must have felt; be joyful and excited when each character greets the baby Jesus. Wonder and be in awe that the Savior of this world came into this world in a dirty stable surrounded by barn animals, born to parents that were not royalty, but just people.

Imagine what your Christmas could look like if you saw Christmas through the eyes of a child.

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