Making Art Happen Together

written with contributions from Diantha York-Ripley and Nancy Felton

Making art happen is very important to me. That can mean painting a piece that becomes part of an exhibition, sculpting something for myself, making jewelry, weaving, sewing, or curating exhibitions of others’ work that become part of a gallery exhibition. There are so many ways to be involved and make art happen. Original art has its own energy. Pablo Picasso said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." I like creating images that move me and then watching and hearing how others see it or are affected by it. There are colors and shapes that allow me to express things that I cannot find the words for. "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Edgar Degas. In this exhibit, each of us has brought art that we have collected over the course of our lives. My “collection” is my paintings from my walls, flat files, and studio that I created with the encouragement of my life’s mentors. They gave me the courage to make space in my life for my need, to follow my life’s passion—making art happen.

-Diantha York-Ripley

Thank you, Diantha York-Ripley, for giving us these words! For nine years, we—the Art Ministry Team— have been “making art happen” in no less than 40 consecutive iterations within the HAB narthex. Because of Diantha’s expansive description of her own artistic expression (see above), AMT members, whose brains and hands do not actually produce works of art, are brought into the creative fold. We DO conceptualize, organize, arrange, and install art for public enjoyment. “Art…is what you make others see.” And who can argue with Degas? Years ago the Art Ministry Team considered forming an exhibit from the collections of HAB members, but timely topics and gifted artists from outside our congregation grabbed our attention. An unforeseen opening in our exhibit schedule has provided an opportunity to turn to the art treasures collected over a lifetime by our very own art aficionados, the Art Ministry Team. With little advance notice, Susan and Hugh Greene, Paula Hayward, Joyce and Tom Reynolds, and Diantha York-Ripley and Joe Ripley have generously opened the doors of their homes to this church family. Theirs is a deeply personal act of sharing. The objects we choose to place in our homes give voice to our inner life—the ways we as individuals are moved, comforted, or challenged by selected images and messages on our walls. Art has the power to reflect who we are and change how we think. Thank you for allowing us once again to make art happen!

-Nancy Felton

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